BELSAFE is our personalized & reliable special service for any kind of high value shipments.

Established since 1998, BELSAFE services have continually been improved and perfected. With our many years of experience in handling this kind of delicate goods, we guarantee the safest and most professional handling and transportation for high value shipments to any sensitive destination in the world.

You want to make sure that your high value watch or jewelry shipments arrive fast, safe and without any pilferage at your customer’s shop in any destination of the world.

Relax – we care!

Service Description:

With BELSAFE service we provide additional security for your high value shipments:

  • We pick up your goods with our own vehicles and bring them to our warehouse where we carefully check if the shipment is complete, in good conditions and ready for export.
  • Depending on the required security level, we offer you our specifically designed BELSAFE SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM services level. Including door-to-door insurance coverage against all risks as an option.
  • Depending on the level you choose, we repack your valuable goods into a special security overpack. Our special silver, gold or platinum overpacks have a neutral look from outside, cannot be opened easily and avoids any direct access to the content of the packages. Our overpacks contain a security seal with a specific serial number that can be identified at any time.
  • Before delivery to the airport, we take digital pictures of each package and send them to our office at destination for easy identification and to make sure the goods arrive exactly the same as they have left our warehouse. Unauthorized access or dammages can be detected quickly and easily by our partner company at destination.
  • We deliver your shipments to the chosen reliable airline, where your goods are being stored in a security warehouse and remain there until departure of the flight.
  • Upon arrival at destination our staff arrange a physical check of the shipment in order to be sure that your shipment arrived complete and in good conditions at destination airport.
  • Thanks to BELSAFE services, we are able to decrease the number of incidents to almost zero.

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