With release on January 2016, BELGLOBE LLC has implemented its own BELGLOBE QUALITY COMMITMENT – BQC – an internally validated quality standard that contains a complete Quality Management System covering all elements of their services.




The heart of our daily business and activities are and always will be our customers. We analyze their individual, specific transportation needs & problems and always aim to find the most advantageous solutions for them in the wide field of daily logistics challenges.

In order to achieve and to maintain this commitment towards our customers on a daily basis, we have established our quality standards, we call it the BELGLOBE QUALITY COMMITMENT.

This commitment is a BELGLOBE internal quality standard & tool that shall cover all of the company’s activities, across from the management level, through operations, services, handling, security, corrective & preventive measures, evaluation of partner companies and subcontractors throughout to the communication and information systems.

This internal quality standard shall lead the company through all our activities at any time in order to achieve and to fulfill  internationally recognized standards that are more and more indispensable for a successful development.

Our high internal quality standards not only do benefit our customers and partner companies around the world directly but they are also the key to keep up our most valuable tool to always achieve a top premium service level : our collaborators. Only thanks to them and their daily efforts, dedication and motivated support, BELGLOBE is able to operate successfully and at the highest quality level every single day.



BELGLOBE LLC is committed to the highest standards of ethical professional conduct in the practice of all employees and of the Company

Our main value is that all employees are held to the highest standards of sincereness and fairness. We are honest and ethical in our daily business dealings, starting with how we treat one another. We keep our promises and admit our mistakes. Our personal conduct ensures that BELGLOBE will be there to serve your future needs. BELGLOBE employees hold an important and elevated role in governance in that they are uniquely capable and empowered to ensure that all stakeholders and customer’s interests are appropriately balanced, protected and preserved. This code provides principles to which BELGLOBE employees are expected to adhere and advocate. They embody rules regarding individual responsibilities, as well as responsibilities to other employees, the public and other stakeholders. Employees are expected to act by this Code as well as any other applicable BELGLOBE policies or guidelines.

The Company’s employees will:

  1. Act with honesty, integrity and ethical conduct, including the ethical & fair handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships. Compliance with this provision means that transactions involving conflicts of interest shall be approved by the appropriate person or, if required by the Company’s policies. Provided appropriate approvals are obtained in accordance with the Company’s policies and rules, a conflict of interest transaction will be considered to be in compliance with this Code and not a waiver of the Code.
  2. Comply with applicable rules and regulations of federal, state, provincial and local governments, and other appropriate private and public regulatory agencies.
  3. Act in good faith, responsibly, with due care, competence and diligence, without misrepresenting material facts or allowing one’s independent judgment to be subordinated.
  4. Maintain the confidentiality of information obtained in the course of one’s work except when authorized or otherwise legally obligated to disclose.
  5. Ensure that confidential information acquired in the course of one’s work is not used for personal advantage.
  6. Obtain adequate training and share knowledge applicable to one’s duties and responsibilities.
  7. Proactively promote and be an example of ethical behavior among colleagues, in the work environment and in the community.
  8. Achieve accountability of and control over all assets and resources engaged or entrusted in the course of one’s work.
  9. Not tolerate any conduct that reduces anybody’s integrity or dignity, nor accept any kind of intimidation,  discrimination or even harassment on race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, national  origin, sexual orientation or marital status.
  10. Report promptly all violations of the code of which you become aware.





In 2014 we have decided to change our company strategy drastically. We decided to change ourselves from a general cargo service provider and pursuing mainly a “me too” strategy at our activities and services offered to our customer to a totally new strategy, concentrating ourselves in leadership for some selected special service products. We decided to develop our company to being “best in class” in a few service specialties that we already have been offering to our customers and that we have decided to deepen and to bring to perfection. This new strategy is also in total compatibility with our policy of a highly personalized service level.

From our foundation in 1994 until 2014 our company was focused in offering general cargo services for any customer, no matter if the inquiry came from the industry or a private person. We literally took any inquiry and tried to find an appropriate solution in the general cargo sector and processed almost any kind of shipment.

Today we are still able to process any general cargo shipment from any company but our proactive endeavor is mainly focused to one of our specialties that we have clearly identified, our specifically dedicated service products. This way we can not only guarantee our valued customers a maximum of expertise & dedication but can also selectively train our assistants to become truly professional specialist on our service products. These service products will be constantly further improved based on our daily experiences.

From the 3 special products that we have nowadays identified (BELSAFE, BELCOOL, BELNOW!) we will continue and are ready to design new and additional special services that our daily changing environment is demanding.

E-commerce is a keyword and is becoming more and more important in our daily lives. With our new bonded customs warehouse & distribution platform in Avenches / Switzerland covering any requirement on customs formalities, we are also ready to face future developments in this growing market and will certainly soon place a sophisticated own service product to the industry.




This quality management handbook or Quality Commitment how we call it,  is the operational base of all activities in our company for each Belglobe member of staff.  All activities in this commitment that are describing actions & processes shall be constantly implemented and improved by each employee.


The objectives of this Quality Commitment is to strengthen and to increase the customer’s satisfaction on a daily basis. This main objective can be achieved only in guaranteeing and improving our service quality permanently. Quality through leadership; our quality policy shall favorably influence our daily acting and thinking in our working processes and help to improve our service level. These objectives and the success of our company can only be assured through highly qualified and motivated collaborators.


Customer satisfaction: Our most important principle is to satisfy and to fulfill our customers expectations. It is utmost important to us to maintain and to deepen our tight personal and cooperative ties to our customers. We want to comply with their needs and expectations and to be able to anticipate to solve their problems. We have implemented the following tools to to detect and measure our customers needs :

  • Systematic identification and analysis of customers satisfaction
  • Permanent contact to our customers on all different levels
  •  Measuring our quality level applying Key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Consequent implementation of customer specific requirements

Fulfillment of objectives: We are confident that complying and satisfying our customers needs we can assure a long-term prosperity of our company. On the other hand this means that we are conscious that we have to ensure the effectiveness of our Quality management system at any time. The Quality management has to introduce and adapt new benchmark requirements at quality circles and lead the staff to apply and implement them at their daily working processes.



The new definition of our company strategy in 2014 has leaded us to confirm and to point out the strength in our following service products:


a) Airfreight:

Our general cargo services by airfreight are offered on a worldwide basis. Thanks to the worldwide coverage through our strategic network memberships in WWPC, WCA and Pangea Network, we can even offer door-to-door services, including customs formalities and local deliveries to most of our destinations. We are licensed trough FOCA as a regulated agent and as an authorized IATA agent, we are also able to handle any kind of dangerous goods shipments if required. Our unparalleled service is always available as urgent direct or expedited service or also as a normal consolidated and economic service, inbound and outbound.

b) Oceanfreight:

We offer regular LCL & FCL oceanfreight services directly from any pick up place in Switzerland via any northern port, such as Antwerp, Rotterdam, Bremerhaven or Hamburg to any destination port in the world. On LCL services we generally offer weekly departures through recognized consolidators. On FCL services, we are covering service contract with the most accredited shipping lines directly and able to offer services on any required equipment, no matter if standard containers, cool containers. Flat racks, high cube, open top or break bulk shipping is needed.

c) Trucking & Express services:

Throughout Europe our trucking services are based on daily departures to all major regions, no matter if our customers require consolidated or top urgent direct or express services. We are committed to load all our shipments on first quality trucking companies only. If a top urgent next day delivery is required, we also offer our own special and dedicated delivery service.

d) Warehouse services & distribution:

Since 2014 when we moved to our state of the art logistics & distribution building in Avenches / Switzerland, we are able to offer our customers our inhouse warehouse & distribution services for national and international logistics requirements. We are also able to arrange any orders for pick, pack and order preparation of any kind. We also operate an Open Customs Warehouse (OCW) and are a licensed operator to arrange all related customs formalities.

e) Crosstrade services:

At Belglobe we have also a long standing expert knowledge to handle Crosstrade shipments. We define crosstrade shipment, any kind of shipments, not matter if airfreight, oceanfreight or trucking  from any place in the world to almost everywhere, means shipments that do not touch or cross Switzerland at all. For these shipments we act as organizational expert on behalf of our customers or partner agents and link the best service providers and elements in order to achieve an optimal supply chain. Thanks to the numerous partner agents network abroad, we can arrange and solve almost any transportation or logistics issue.

f) Customs formalities: 

Related to above warehouse & distribution services, we have installed all necessary authorizations & licences for any kind of customs formalities such as Open Customs Warehouse (OCW) operator, Authorised Consignee (ACee), Authorised Consignor, we have all possible customs status and can arrange any kind of customs formalities inhouse, at our distribution & logistics center at Avenches, Switzerland, no matter if import, export or transit clearances.


Within our airfreight service products at Belglobe we mainly focus on our specialties that are the following :


Dedicated airfreight service product specially designed for high value watch or jewelry shipments to critical destinations worldwide.


Dedicated airfreight service product, specially designed for temperature controlled pharma & diagnostics shipments. We offer active or passive transportation solutions to almost any destination in the world.


Dedicated airfreight & express service product, designed for time sensitive medical or spare parts shipments by expedited airfreight, express delivery, dedicated truck or even Onboard courier if requested.



Communication is the base and essence to success in our business. Everything is about communication, every day – all day long. As a logistics provider we are the architect of the supply chain and in charge to assemble the best elements of each service provider in order to get an ideal logistics chain together. Within this activity, communication is vital. But also and this is where at Belglobe we specially focus on, is to communicate and to deal correctly with the different nationalities and mentalities that we are connecting.

The base of our daily communication is the worldwide exchange of e-mails with our customers, partner agents and service providers such as airlines, trucking companies, shipping lines and others. Each of our staff is connected to e-mail through its own terminal via Microsoft Exchange Server. Further to this we also communicate over phone and fax connections.

Another key to our success are the different it-systems for the different applications that we are currently using :

1) SISA (Studio Automatica SA): Our operational IT software applied for shipment registration, airfreight, oceanfreight and trucking applications. Over the same system we are processing our invoicing and accounting. The system also generates a reporting & controlling tool called ReportIT.

2) PowerSuite by Mercurio: Our connected operational customs clearing software. With PowerSuite we are directly connected to Swiss Customs Authorities and are able to import & export clear any kind of goods directly online.

3) NexCloud & Microsoft Office: Our local and general software applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook are hosted by NexCloud, an external terminal server and cloud operator. All our data is backed up and safely stored on a daily basis by NexCloud, CH-1752 Villars-sur-Glâne / Switzerland (see contract nr. SLA 13-089 dated 30.11.2015).



At BELGLOBE the internal communication is carried out on different levels:

The efficiency of our Quality Management System is being monitored constantly and can be discussed through all hierarchical levels at any time. Correcting and improving measures can be implemented at any stage of our internal & external communication by the Head of Quality Assurance.



Belglobe’s financial, accounting & controlling administration team is composed by the company’s Head of Accounting, our Fiduciary, our Accounting staff and the Managing Director that altogether are reporting on a monthly basis directly to the CEO of the company. The CEO directly, together with the head of accounting is overviewing and handling the administration and constant controlling of the key figures in order to assure a healthy development of the company and to make sure to have access at any time to all necessary figures of the financial & accountable condition of Belglobe.


Accounting: Our accounting program is an integrated part of our operational software SISA where all accounts receivable and accounts payable are registered automatically or by our accounting &  operational staff during shipment registration.

Financial reporting – Balance of accounts – Profit & Loss statement – Year-end Statements: Our financial reporting is administrated by our Head of Accounting / Fiduciary twice per year and reported to the CEO directly

Cash management & bank accounts: the CEO directly, together with the accounting staff is handling and overviewing a tight cash management & bank accounts on a weekly basis.

Controlling: The major part of controlling figures are supplied through our software program called ReportIT that is an integrated part of SISA software. All other figures of all daily expenses are registered on a daily basis by the accounting staff.


Following reports are established on a regular basis for a tight overview of the company’s financial condition :

  • Cash management status – weekly
  • Accounts receivable – twice per month
  • Accounts payable – twice per month
  • Gross profit / Turnover statement – monthly
  • Balance of accounts / Profit & Loss statement – twice per year
  • Year-end Statements / Tax statements – Once per year


Belglobe’s most important asset is their members of staff. Only highly motivated and well trained employees are ready and willing to give their best every day in order to provide an impeccable service quality to our customers. It is of utmost importance to create a convenient and likeable ambience in the company in order to have every single employee feeling as an independent, self-conscious and irreplaceable member of the company.


The company’s recruitment is handled by the Managing Director together with the Head of Operations very selectively in order to be able to exclusively hire members of staff that do fit perfectly well in the company’s team atmosphere. We are hiring our employees always looking for a long standing relationship and involvement of the member of staff and the company.

The recruitment process is mainly handled directly, using the specific recruitment internet platforms, such as “” or “”. Only in exceptional, very specific cases we arrange our recruitment through a job placement office. In our recruitment documentation we evaluate and keep records of the different terms and conditions for each job description.


In order to fulfill the FOCA (Federal Office of civil aviation) and our own internal security criteria on staff recruitment, every employee has to provide an impeccable excerpt from the criminal record and a record of the enforced payment collection register. The corresponding records are archived in each employee’s personnel file at the MD’s office.


Each member of staff is invited once per year to an appraisal interview by the Managing Director or his representation in order to discuss an individual evaluation. Within the evaluation each employee is given tasks and an agreement of objectives is being appointed. In return, each member of staff has the opportunity to give its opinion and review any input to the management.




The Belglobe Quality Commitment regulates the following requirements of its Quality Management System :

  • Identification, description and implementation of the necessary methods and processes that are essential in order to achieve the company’s business objectives
  • Availability of resources and information
  • Actions and measures that are required to manage the processes
  • Systematic recognition of differences and introduction to lead the correction and improvement actions.


Following are the main elements that identify our Quality Management System:

Management processes

With our management processes we constitute a clearly defined structure of Belglobe. We establish targets whose fulfillment are being monitored systematically in our management review:

  • Strategic & Operational planning
  • Controlling
  • Quality management
  • Organization
  • Communication

Operational procedures

Our operational procedures are aligned to the specific requirements of our customers. The outcome of these requirements do result in a continuous alignment of our customer’s needs:

  • Airfreight
  • Oceanfreight
  • Trucking & Express services
  • Crosstrade Services
  • Warehouse & bonded warehouse
  • Customs clearance formalities
  • Quotations
  • Irregularity procedures

Supporting processes

To guarantee a smooth flow of the operational processes we put at disposal our supporting processes. With them we help implementing the customer’s requirements:

  • Selection & Evaluation of partner agents and service providers
  • Customer satisfaction / claims
  • Corrective & preventive measures
  • Controlling
  • Accounting
  • IT Information technology
  • Human resources
  • FOCA (Federal office of civil aviation)

Measuring, Analisys and Improvement

The effectiveness of the Quality management systems is being monitored through an accurate evaluation of the customer’s satisfaction survey. The system is subject to planned and unplanned internal audits. With these audits we make sure the compliance of given instructions and are able to determine the effectivity of the measures to be taken. Required corrective actions can be initiated and supervised:

  • Internal Audits & inspections
  • Check of conformity of daily processes
  • Corrective and preventive measures
  • Quality monitoring through Key performance indicators
  • Securing of quality responsibility by periodical Management reviews
  • Documentation of processes and methods



In order to be able to comply with the constantly growing demands of different kind of certificates, licenses & authorizations, at Belglobe we are in a permanent process of audit or certification. Today, in 2016, please find as follows the current status of certificates, licenses and authorizations that are in our possession :

  • IATA Cargo Agent license nr. 81-4 7143 1580 by International Air Transport Association
  • Regulated Agent by FOCA (Federal Office of Civil Aviation)
  • certification nr. CH/RA/00015-01/0515
  • DGR Dangerous goods, authorized handling agent for Dangerous goods
  • Authorized Customs Clearance Agent by Swiss Customs Administration
  • Authorized Consignee (ACee) by Swiss Customs Administration
  • Authorized Consignor (ACor) by Swiss Customs Administration
  • Authorized Operator of an Open Customs Warehouse (OCW) by Swiss Customs Administration
  • Quality Management System by BELGLOBE QUALITY COMMITMENT
  • Member of Switzerland Global Enterprise
  • Member of Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Fribourg
  • Member of WCA Inter Global by World Cargo Alliance
  • Member of WWPC Network
  • Member of Pangea Logistics Network
  • Member of Cargo Pool Switzerland
  • Member of Spedlogswiss – Swiss Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association

Further to above accreditations, we are in process to obtain the following additional certificates and licenses during 2016/2017:

  • AEO – Authorized Economic Operator by Swiss Customs Administration
  • CEIV PHARMA by IATA International Air Transport Association
Belglobe Quality Commitment