pharma logistics

You need to move your valuable & sensitive pharma or diagnostics products under temperature control, at a constant temperature stability from your warehouse to your customer’s warehouse in any destination of the world.

BELGLOBE offer a wide range of temperature controlled transportation solutions to their customers.

The first step is to create a detailed analysis together with the customer. Each company has similar but still different requirements how to handle their sensitive high value pharma and diagnostic products accurately

Service Description:

  • Establish a detailed analysis of the customer’s specific product requirements
  • Design the best-fitting logistics and transportation process together with the customer
  • Create an ideal documentation and process work flow
  • Selection of best available service partners within the cool chain. Only first class providers and carriers are selected
  • Decision whether active or passive BELCOOL temperature controlled transportation is needed
  • Selection of the most direct and safest transportation way from the customer’s factory to the consignee in order to secure and uninterrupted logistics cool chain.
  • Implementation of the monitoring and data logger procedure during transportation.
  • Agreement of a detailed reporting procedure as per customer’s requirements and standards.
  • With BELCOOL service BELGLOBE enables to permanently keep a stable and controlled logistics chain for the customer’s sensitive pharma and diagnostics products.