pharma logistics

You need to move your valuable & sensitive pharma or diagnostics products under temperature control, at a constant temperature stability from your warehouse to your customer’s warehouse in any destination of the world.

BELCOOL offers to its customers a wide variety of temperature controlled transportation solutions.

First of all, a detailled and customized analysis is being established  to the requesting customer as each company has similarities but still different requirements for handling their specific high value pharma & diagnostic products.

Service Description:

  • Detailled analysis for each customer’s product requirements
  • Designing the best possible solution for each specific customer
  • Creating the ideal process flow and documentation check sheet
  • Selection of best partners within the cool chain, only 1A carriers are subcontracted by us.
  • Selection of active or passive BELCOOL solution. Envirotainer or ThermoJacket by Lynden International
  • Choosing the directest and safest way & transport mode from your factory to your customer’s warehouse in order to guarantee an uninterrupted logistics cool chain.
  • Implementation of monitoring process and loggers if required
  • Reporting procedure as per the customer’s requirements.
  • BELCOOL allows you to keep a most stable temperature controlled logistics chain for your sensitive and high value pharma or diagnostic products.