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First BELCOOL shipment with ThermoJacket ® (by Lynden International). Our dedicated specialists for healthcare logistics have organized the first shipment under our new special termperature controlled BELCOOL ThermoJacket ® service.

In this case, the highly sensitive Diagnostics packages were destined for the pharma industry in Riyadh / Saudi Arabia. The goods must be shipped under a constant temperature climate of +2° – °+8° Celsius and the shipper has specially located his temperature data logger inside of one of the packages in order to be able to monitor the exact temperature scale or any variation during the whole transit from their warehouse upon arrival at their customer’s warehouse in Riyadh.

BELGLOBE has picked up the goods at the customer’s warehouse with their own temperature controlled truck and brought the shipment to their cool storage facility in Avenches. Once the shipment arrived there, the palled was packed and totally wrapped with a ThermoJacket ®, a highly sophisticated isolation material that was developed by Lynden International for whom BELGLOBE  is their exclusive partner in Switzerland. The specific isolation properties of the ThermoJacket have an extremely high constant termperature stability during a very long time period during the transportation to destination.

Once the wrapping & packaging of the pallet was finished, the goods were delivered with BELGLOBE’s cool truck directly to Lufthansa’s cooling facilities at the airport where they will be stored under temperature controlled conditions until the flight departures under LH’s passive service via Frankfurt to Riyadh airport.

Upon arrival at destination airport, the consignee’s specialists do arrange the clearance & delivery to their own pharma warehouse where they will unpack the pallet and connect the temperature data logger and check to confirm that the sensitive goods were properly transported and stored during the complete transit from the shipper’s warehouse.

BELGLOBE is proud to widely spread BELCOOL – this new & highly sophisticated temperature controlled service to many of their healthcare customers all over the world.